Wedding Photo

Built in 1822 the Tory Hill Meetinghouse is, in many ways, a quintessential New England congregational church.  Couples – especially Buxton area couples – are often drawn to the warmth and spirit that the building itself seems to exude after nearly 200 years of good people worshiping in this space.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of having your wedding at this church, please call the Church office at (207) 929-4252 and leave a message.

Please click here to view the complete wedding policy.

If you are asking our pastor to officiate at your wedding, this is the general process that she will follow with you.

After you have reserved the church by sending the church use fee, the pastor will schedule several meetings with you beginning about two months before your wedding.  The first meeting is for getting acquainted, an opportunity for you to talk about yourselves and your relationship.  Subsequent meetings will be for planning the service.  Each person’s wedding service is unique, and so you will work closely with the pastor to create a service that reflects your relationship and what you hope for in your marriage. Because you are asking a pastor to officiate, your service will be one that invites God’s presence and blessing for your marriage.